Tuesday, June 29, 2010

July Calendar Page and Slice Design Card Giveaway

Hi everyone! I want to thank everyone for their very kind words as I dealt with my illness last week. I appreciate your patience in my absence and your well wishes!

I am back today to share with you my July calendar page. A friend of mine created a wonderful spiral bound calendar for me a few years ago. I used if for EVERYTHING!! I kept it in my purse and it helped me stay straight on dental appointments, doctor checkups, baseball games and more. It was great because I could jot down say, the kids weight at their checkup on the date of the checkup then when I was done, I saved the calendar and it was like a journal book with info for all four of my kids from the whole ONE place! When the year ended I struggled without it. I decided I HAD to try to make my own. It wasn't the same but I enjoyed it nonetheless. This time I decided to make a mini-scrapbook. Each page had a spot for a picture relevant to our family and that month. Here's July's:

This picture was PERFECT for my July page. Don't you think?! It was taken at last year's Fourth of July party at our neighbor's house. To create the actual calendar, I used my Stampin' Up Calendar stamp. For the titles and star I used my Slice and the Calendar design card. After I got all my calendar pages together, I bound them together with my Bind-It-All. Now when I'm done I have a mini scrapbook that holds pics of the family and notes about our year! Gotta love that! I'd like to thank Deb for the original calendar (which I still have) and the inspiration for the one I created. I never would've thought of that on my own!

I had the great fortune of being chosen as the random winner on the Making Memories blog. What did I win? Well, I won the last 12 Slice design cards that they have released!!! They arrived yesterday and I can't wait to play with them!! I did already have 1 of them so I have decided that I will give it away to a random winner on my blog. How does that sound?! TOMORROW is the BIG day so be sure to come back and see how you can win. I promise, it will be very easy!!! All details will be announced tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me today! Hopefully, I'll see you again tomorrow!



Daphne said...

Wild Woman, I have no idea how you do as many things as you do in a 24 hour time span :D I'd be lost without you.
That's a darling page and congratulations on winning your goodies!

peata said...

very cool. congrats on winning your prize.