Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm late, I'm late....

I got sidetracked yesterday due to an unexpected, but good news phone call. I thought I was done travelling for the year but alas, I get to attend the FINAL scheduled show in Seattle, WA next week. I'm excited as I hear the last shows are always a blast! hehehe I'd already been looking at luggage for next year. The cheapy suitcase I was using had already on my second flight this year...and I figured I had plenty of time to find a replacement. Until I got the call yesterday, that is. Soooo, the hunt was on. Many of you probably don't know this but I have a thing for zebra print. Yep, I know, it's silly but I LOVE it. In fact, my iphone case is zebra. I Googled 'til my fingers hurt and came across this really cool briefcase on wheels. Briefcase? Yeah, I know, not luggage BUT when I travel I take my laptop due to my other job duties with Scrap-Mart. Sound like justification? Maybe. Anyway, the briefcase was big enough to hold my 17" laptop with a padded section for it, three zipper compartments and, yep, you guessed it, it's zebra print. hehehe I also like that it had 4 inline wheels so I don't have to drag it behind me. See...

Isn't it gorgeous???

Well, I still need a suitcase, right?! So, now I need a zebra suitcase to match my briefcase. LOL! I found one I liked at Penney's online. Hardside, spinner wheels (no dragging) and zebra. ON SALE too! However, I leave next Thursday for Seattle and that item ships from the manufacturer, IN A WEEK. Sigh. No go. After MUCH research, I found the same bag at the same site as the briefcase. $35 more. Sigh. Soooo, I called and guess what?! They price matched AND it will ship ground, FOR FREE, in less than 48 hours. Fingers crossed BOTH my pieces get here by Wednesday so I can pack. My flight leaves terribly early Thursday so no packing the morning of. Yeah for my new luggage.

Sorry, hope that didn't bore you. hehehe Just wanted to share my fun. ;) Did you happen to see yesterday that Spellbinders posted their 2011 DT Call???? I SURE DID!! I promised a friend I'd submit this year...after chickening out last year. Sad, I know. But, have you SEEN what the SB design teams have done??? Amazing work. I have had to opportunity to meet Stacey and Jeff...the masterminds behind the company. As well as Stacey's sisters and mother. I cannot even begin to describe to you what wonderful people they are! And Stacey treats her dt like royalty!! Anyway, I figure it's like the can't win if you don't play!! ;) And since I had promised my friend I'd submit, I was already working on my entries...and was prepared to share...but I read that they must not have been shared on the internet. Soooo, now I cannot share, at least until after Jan. 3. Anyway, if you think you may be interested in applying you can read all about the call HERE on the Spellbinders blog. If you do submit, I wish you the best of luck.

Okay, I'm off to work on some TOP SECRET stuff. hahaha See you soon!