Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you! I thought today, instead of sharing a project I'd share with you what I'm most thankful for and follow up with some shopping fun. So, here goes...

Obviously, I'm thankful for my family. My husband is a very supportive man. He makes me laugh, feel warm and cozy and best of all, he respects and trusts in me. Rocky is very loving and works hard everyday to ensure we have all we need. He's thankful for me and for what we have and he focuses on the good and not what he wishes we had. My kids...they are all so very loving. Smart, healthy!, amazing personalities. They make me laugh 'til I cry. Brian is smart and VERY athletic. He loves to play sports...and video games. ;) Seth, is the family brainiac. He sets academic goals just to have something to overcome and he almost always exceeds the goals set for him. He loves music and is a true Momma's Boy. Cody. He is smart as a whip. But, Cody is a button pusher. He knows how to get to people and boy does he excercise that knowledge. hahah He's also very athletic. His favorite things right now are to ride his Razor or his bike. And that leaves us with Shelby. Oh Shelby. She is fiesty. Girly. Smart as they come. Adorable. And, Momma's Girl. She's the girl you'll see walking in a dress with tights and boots then watch her climb into a muddy, lifted 4x4 truck. ROFL! I'm also thankful for our health. With the exception of some allergies and Shelby's well-controlled asthma, we are all healthy. We are all home with each other at night, in a warm safe home with plenty of food to eat and heat to keep us warm. There are many, many more things I am thankful for but I won't bore you with anymore details. ;)

How 'bout some shopping talk?! My friend Karen mentioned on a previous post about wanting to see the boots I bought last week. Here's a pic of them...

I bought them in black and brown and boy and I glad I did. These are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn! I actually have fairly skinny legs and I have plenty of room for my jeans/leggings inside and room to walk. They are not tight at all. I wore these around all day Monday. We went to test drive a truck, went to pick up Rocky's jeans I'd ordered at the mall AND went grocery shopping. No discomfort, no blisters. Pure comfort!! Now, if you are looking for some boots I'd highly suggest these. AND, they're still on sale and if you buy them online you get FREE SHIPPING!! Click HERE to go to them if you are intersted. Karen, this may be just for you 'cause you could have them shipped home and not have to worry about flying with them!

On another note, since Black Friday is tomorrow, what is on your Christmas list this year?? Is there something you're really hoping your Santa will bring you?! Rocky and I don't usually exchange gifts. We just buy for the kids but every once in a while he'll surprise me. And, I usually tuck something like pj's under the tree for him from the kids. So, Rocky, if you're reading my blog today I'd LOVE to have the new Kindle 4. It would be nice to have that when I'm travelling next year so I can easily read without the bulk of books. Or, if you were thinking something a bit smaller I would thoroughly enjoy an iTunes gift card and some new earphones for my iphone. :) Just sayin'.

If you're still with me, for those of you who are hoping for some BIG crafty presents this year, be sure you check out the Scrap-Mart blog hop taking place next Friday. There are 30 blogs and TONS of prizes including a Slice Elite, Letterpress Combo Kits, and Silhouette is doing a giveaway on their blog during the hop...a $500 Mega Bundle that includes a Silhouette SD machine!!! And that's not all! We have tons of fabulous prizes from other sponsors like Copic, October Afternoon, Spellbinders, Unity Stamps and MORE!!! Remember, December 3rd and it starts on the Scrap-Mart blog. Just click on the blinkie at the top of my blog and it will take you there.



Karen said...

The boots look great, but I have to try on boots before I buy. I found a pair I loved in Walnut Creek and hope they'll be in Rochester (and still on sale) when I get home. The blinkie looks great. I hope I'll have time tomorrow to play with it. Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving! I'm grateful to have you as a friend!

kkraftyiam said...

I, too, have to try on before a purchase. But, I've been thinking of getting a pair...haven't had one in years. Have a great day