Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Has anyone seen my mojo???

I can't seem to find it anywhere. I have had lots of "work" to do which usually consists of sitting at my computer answering emails, tracking stuff and following up. I think I have done so much of that lately I just haven't felt like creating. Which is no good 'cause I have LOTS that I need to finish up. Sooo, I'm sad to report no project today. I need to go to work.

On a lighter note, I walked again today. This time I walked a total of 1.5 miles and ran .3. Yeah, only .3 but you don't understand. I HATE to run. H.A.T.E. to run. Like, would rather have a root canal kind of H.A.T.E. And, yes, my mother told me that hate is not a nice word. But, I'm going to overcome that hatred. I'm going to fight back. I enjoy my morning walks. And after I ran, even just that short little bit, I felt good. Really good. I could feel that cool, brisk winter wind waaay down deep. I will keep going. I will .3 the rest of this week and shoot for .6 next week. Oh, and in case you're wondering were I'm getting my figures at, I drove my route and one time around was .3. ;)

Okay, enough. I'm going to work...well, going to create. That's work, right?! Have a great Wednesday!


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