Friday, January 20, 2012

Video: Airbrushing Copics with an Air Compressor

Hello friends and TGIF!! I recently got a new toy, an air compressor, and thought I'd do a video to show you how easy it is to airbrush with Copics and an air compressor.

Check it out:

As I noted in the video, Scrap-Mart has the Windstorm Air Compressor. The Scrap-Mart price is $247.49 and you get free shipping. The ABS3, which contains the air adaptor and air grip is $27.71 and would also ship for free. If you have any questions regarding any of the info I shared in the video or about Copics in general email me at and I'd be happy to answer them for you!

Thanks for stoppin' by today! Have a great weekend!



Michele said...

Great video Katie! I have the airbrush system but have not used it yet. I think I'll try it now ;)
Gorgeous nails btw :)

Katie said...

Hi Michele!! The air compressor came home after the Seattle show and I was lucky enough to snag it! Thanks, I just got them done again yesterday...went pink for Valentine's ;)

beadz said...

Great video, Katie!

Joyce said...

Great Video,Katie. I have the air can on my shelf for a year and decided to try it -- amazing!!!! So easy - - love it !!!! Thanks for the inspiration.