Friday, January 6, 2012

Office renovation continues...

So, in late August my hubby decided to renovate our 2 car garage and turn it into my scrapbook room. When the garage was built the walls were insulated. The previous owners had installed a nice, double-hung window and insulated doors and we installed an insulated overhead door when we purchased the home. There were built-ins along the wall and Rocky had filled with with tools and such.

The sheetrock on the walls was actually in good shape, we just used a sander to knock off the dust and rough spaces and shot some texture then painted. It has a concrete floor and in the event that we sell the house or need to get our cars in the garage I opted to go for an epoxy floor coating instead of the hardwood that I really wanted. ;)

So after all the work was done it was time for me to move in. I got money for my birthday and visited Ikea and picked up a large Expedit system. I also purchased a BIG rolling kitchen island from Earlier this week, Rocky saw some cabinets for sale on Craigslist and went to check them out. Turns out they were custom built a few years ago for a law firm. He bought me 6 of them. Here's what they look like...

These cabinets are solid wood and very sturdy. I am going to span four of them on this wall with a 12 foot workspace and the other 2 will go on the opposite wall for another 6 foot workspace. I intend to use one end of the 12 foot workspace for my sewing set up and the other half will be my personal workspace. The 6 foot area will be my office space where I'll house my files and such. All I need to do is clean them up and pick out my countertops.

Here's a peek at my Expedit shelves all filled up...well, almost filled up :)

And here's a peek at the wall with my Making Memories shelf and kitchen cart...

I still have tons of space left, even with as much as I have in there now.

Well, there you have it...a peek into my studio. I am so thankful to have this space and enjoy every minute in there! I love looking at other people's spaces for ideas so feel free to leave a link to your space in the comment section so I can check out your space too!



Anonymous said...

Looking great, Katie. I'd love to have that much space, but maybe it's good for the budget that I don't!

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