Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Organized Edition: 2012 Planner/Organizer

Hello friends! What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been. With the kids home I have had NO mojo whatsoever. No desire to be in my office. That is VERY unusual for me. I struggled with it and even though I am facing a MAJOR one tomorrow...I just had to let myself NOT create. It was difficult but my kids went back to school today and I am ready to get back to work.

The down time, however, did give me lots of time to think. Every year I create a calendar of sorts for myself. It is a tradition actually started by my friend, Deb (5treasures), who gave me a wonderful handmade calendar a few years ago. I LOVED it and was amazed at how I was able to keep 4 kids, jobs and dr visits all together easily. Each year they get a little more involved.

This year, I am making my calendar into a binder system with a store bought (gasp!) 3 ring binder. I have a few reasons for doing this. I want ONE place where I can keep notes for work things like The Button Farm Club, Scrap-Mart and the design team as well as have a calendar to track my travel schedule. And, since I started creating 8.5x11 layouts, it is a great way for me to keep my favorite layouts where I can see them and they are still protected. Plus, I can easily change them out. ;)

The first thing I'm going to share about my organizer is my calendar pages. I am going to have two types of calendars. A quick reference one that I will make with my Stamps of Life Calendar2Build stamp set and a full-size calendar where I can make notes for each day and have plenty of room. I was going to print off basic google calendars then I saw THIS is my email. is one of the coupon and recipe sites I visit often. I am thrilled that she shared this just in time for me to make my calendar.

So there's my step one. I'll be sharing something about my 2012 Planner/Organizer once a week until it's complete. I hope you enjoy it and maybe even find some inspiration to create one for yourself.


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