Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oops, I forgot...

I forgot to schedule today's post yesterday! I headed off into town to have lunch with my best friend, Stacey. Then I did a bit of shopping and met back up with her at the salon. I got my hair chopped! I was a bit nervous but I really like it. It's kind of a shoulder length choppy bob with a slight arch downward in the front. Nice and sleek, no more curls. :) I'll try to get an updated pic in the next day or so...when my hair AND makeup are both done. hehehe

Then I got even more distracted when I got home. See, I am a BIG Dooney and Bourke fan and had found a turqoise one that had a patent leather look to it. Thought it'd be perfect for Spring and Summer. Rocky did NOT like it at all. Pooh. So, when Stace and I were getting our hair done we were looking up purses and I found the CA-UTEST Coach bag. Now, I've never owned a Coach, just Dooney, but Stace has like a thousand of them and swears by them. Anyway, while Rocky and I were cooking dinner last night I mentioned it to him and he wanted to see it. So, I pulled it up online to show him and he said "now that's more like it. that's you." Then he proceeded to tell my to buy it, from him, because he hadn't picked anything out for me for Valentine's Day yet. Yippee!! Here's a peek at it...

Isn't it purdy??? I LOVE it! Just LOVE it. And, it's BIG which is perfect for me! If I'm lucky it'll ship today or tomorrow and I'll have it before Valentine's Day! Yeah! Thanks baby!

Okay, if you haven't heard, the Midwest got yet another round of snow last night. Yeah, like 8+ inchec where we live. It's almost comical now, really. But, this is supposed to be the last of it and I hear we're supposed to hit 60 this weekend! Ahhhh, capris and flip flops, my fav. Speaking of hear, I hear the snow plow coming through the neighborhood now. ;)

Well, I'm off to work on some projects for Boss Kut. Cute little Valentines and a birthday card for my princess, who turns 5 tomorrow. My how time flies. Stop in tomorrow to see the fun card I am making for her.



Anonymous said...

LOVE the color of that purse! That's quite a lovely Valentine. We bought a new TV! :-)

Eva said...

Girlie, this is one GORGEOUS purse!!!! I Love it and how sweet of Rocky to get it for you for Valentine's day!!! What a sweetie!!! Enjoy it and stay warm...hope the 60 degrees it really coming your way!

Mindy Miller said...

Fun purse! I love your new hair!

Katie said...

Thanks gals! Karen, Rocky would probably LOVE a new TV. hehehe

Eva, me too! That would be so wonderful. But, even if it comes, it'll be VERY wet and muddy for a while after all the snow melts.

Thanks Mindy! I do too!