Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Etsy finds...

I admit, I am NOT a big Etsy shopper. I rarely visit the site. I know, crazy right?! But, I decided that I wanted to find my niece some cute little burp cloths for Dax (due early June) so I headed over. Here's what I found...

Kristian does NOT like the color brown and most of what I was finding on Etsy was brown/blue. It was cuuute stuff but brown. Sigh. Then I saw this set. And it's not brown and I think it's superbly prices too. The set includes two chenille wash cloths, one burp cloth, one chenille bib, the toy rattle block AND the adorable little matchine bucket. I am so snagging this up for her. Anyway, the seller, EmmaGirlDesigns, has some great stuff in her shop and if you're needing some cute baby items or kid clothes you should check her out.

Now I just need to get to Babies 'R Us and get the carseat/stroller combo she wants and perhaps some diapers. Can't go wrong with giving diapers. hehehe


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Country Mouse said...

Super cute set!!! And I agree, you can't go wrong with diapers! LOL