Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going great so far. I know mine is. The other day I was working on a layout (you can see it soon!) and my two little ones were in the room with me. Since all my scrap stuff is still packed I only pull out what I need when I'm working. I had a small pile of trash on the end of my table and Shelby and Cody wanted to "scrapbook" too. So, I got them both out a pair of child safe scissors and pointed at my trash pile. It didn't take long for Cody to dig a glue stick out of my adhesive basket. I stepped out of the room for one second and when I returned, they were pretending to shoot a video. Okay, let me back up. The other day, they sat patiently and quietly on my bed and watched me shoot a Big Shot Pro video. So, I grabbed my camera and got them in the act. Check 'em out..

hahaha Wasn't that funny? They were so excited. And you could see Seth trying to get across the room without jumping into their video. Cody actually finished a project. He called it his Robot. Check it...

Isn't he cute? hehehe Do you see the scrapes on his nose and forehead? Mom of the year award goes to me! Let's just say we were having a little too much fun on the playground at the park earlier this week. K? Love you Cody!

Well, thanks for stoppin' by today! I'll be back tomorrow with a project! See you then!


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A Cards Delight said...

This video is so dang cute! I love it! I sat here smiling and laughing the entire time and saw your other son trying to sneak across the floor! Awesome kids!