Friday, October 24, 2008


And, yes I'm yelling! LOL! My Making Memories Slice Digital Design Cutter has finally arrived. It seems like it's been forever since it's release at CHA Winter 2008!!!

Okay, so my first impression. I think the packaging is cool! You can see everything that it comes with and you can actually see the machine itself. The design cards packaging has a flap on the front that you can open to see what designs it will cut. Now I obviously didn't buy this thing because of it's packaging, and I don't know anyone who would but let's face it, appearance matters. Right?

The instruction booklet sets everything in simple, easy to follow steps. It took me about 10 minutes to read over everything. I set up the machine and went to town. I, of course, ran some tests on scrap paper so I'd know what I was getting into. My thoughts? I LIKE! It's really a great little machine. You can pop the sd cards in and out with ease, scrolling between the screens is simple, and the screen shows you exactly where the machine will begin cutting.

In addition to the Slice, I also picked myself up a Scor-Pal! I've wanted one for a while and finally took the plunge. My dear friend, Laura, from Scrap-Mart has them on her website. So, when I was in Tahlequah earlier this week to teach my class, I met up with her and picked it up. I've also been playing with this and I'm impressed. I have TONS of ideas for it already. And this time, I'm sketching them and making notes...that way I won't forget. I'm sure some video tutorials will follow too so stay tuned.

P.S. I know that the Scor-Pal was designed with cardmakers in mind. I do make cards but not nearly as much as I scrapbook so my goal is to show you all what this wonderful little tool can do for you and your pages. I promise you'll like!

I'm almost finished with a project that will showcase the Scor-Pal and the Slice. I'll have it posted hopefully by Sunday night. And if anyone is wondering, my friend Laura also sells the Slice on her website.

Tata for now! Thanks for stopping by! Katie


ladydiana said...

Hi there,
Diana Crick here, the creator of Scor-Pal. I would be VERY interested to see any projects you come up with especially where scrapbooking is concerned. Maybe you can be a guest instructor for one of our Ezines. Please contact me at as I have a little something for you.

rae said...

YaY katie!! I know how long you've been waiting for the slice... how is it?! You'll have to post about it again, I'd love to learn more about what it does! And yay on the Scor-Pal too!! Lots of new toys to play with.. have fun girl ;)