Thursday, January 24, 2008

A little fun today

My blogger friend, Jennie, had this on her blog so I took the test and thought I'd share.

Your IQ Is 105

Your Logical Intelligence is Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional

Your General Knowledge is Above Average

I have to admit that I would've thought my Logical Intelligence would be higher but after years of Honors English classes, I'm proud to see that my Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional. As for my Mathematical Intelligence, I'm not sure what to think about it. My Math and English scores were only 10 points apart from each other on my high school SAT...Math being the higher of the two. So, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised.

If you take the test, be sure to share your scores. And remember, it's all in fun! Katie


GiftsByHeidi said...

I noticed that on Jennie's blog. I'm a little scared to take the IQ Test myself!!

Jennie Skaggs said...

heheheh...I was suprised too. but I have been taking a lot of math classes I think that has helped a lot.


Jennie Skaggs said...

I was actually shocked...Sheldon and I have the same IQ but just in different areas....he was actually a genius in one area. :O But not so in others. LOL