Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How I Pack for a Retreat : Step 2 - Creating Layout Kits

This week I'm sharing how I pack for a retreat.  I feel that I have really found a system that works well for me and helps me to really stay focused and actually accomplish something when I'm at a retreat.  In case you missed it, you can view my Step 1 HERE.

So now that I have my pages planned, I can go through my supplies and start packing for those pages.  I purchased a few packs of page planners from Hobby Lobby.  If I remember correctly, they are HL's Paper Studio brand.  The inside is one large pocket that will fit 12x12 paper and stickers then there are some pockets on the outside as well.  I also have some 2 gallon zip lock bags so when I run out of these I can use the zip locks as well.

After I review the sketch and/or photos I want to use, I began pulling the supplies from my stash.  I will grab everything from paper to Want2Scrap Overlays, to embellishments...anything I think I might use on that particular project.  Once I have it all gathered up, I put it all in the pocket and the pocket goes into my crop bag.

Sorry for the glare, but I wanted you to be able to see how it all fits together inside the pockets.

I know it sounds like it is time consuming, but it really isn't.  Like I said, I do all the page planning in my free time like when I'm waiting at the doctors office, or cooking dinner...anytime I'm just playing around on my phone.  Once I have the sketch and pic chosen, the rest is easy.  :)

In addition to my planned pages, I take a SMALL variety of regular cardstock.  I also throw in some extra patterned papers or collections just in case.  Here's a peek inside my crop bag...

That's it, no rolling tote for me!  This is the only bag of paper I take along.  Planning the pages has really helped me pack what I need and not take everything I own with me!

Join me again on Friday for the 3rd and final pieces I pack to take with me!  See you then!
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