Friday, January 14, 2011

Busy, busy, busy preparing for CHA...

I know I was supposed to be back earlier this week with some fun Loralie stuff from the stamp show. But, while I was working the show I had some T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. tooth pain. I mean the kind that makes your mouth water and you want to pull your own teeth! Yeah. So, I endured the pain to finish the show then headed straight to the dentist Monday morning. He says, tooth's too far gone you need a root canal. I recevied an antiobiotic and some pain pills and was scheduled for 2/17. What? 2/17? That's a LONG time away! Thankfully, they called Tuesday and got me in first thing Wednesday morning. So, now I'm healing and my tooth itches, for lack of a better description. I guess itching is better than unbearable, sharp wrenching pains. Right?! hahaha I go back in a week or so for my permanent crown. Then I'll schedule a regular check up to catch any other potential damning decay. Sigh. It's my own fault, I know. Let's just say LESSON LEARNED!! I hear you loud and clear Mom, yes, you DID tell me so.

Okay, enough of that. ;) Now on to CHA! It is really just right around the corner, can you believe it? I have been fortunate enough to see some of what our fabulous favorite retailers are bringing to the table and let me just say W.O.W.! I am EAGERLY awaiting a box from Lifestyle Crafts stuffed with their CHA release and hopefully a Letterpress Combo kit too. Then I can get to work on samples for the CHA release.

Then there's Loralie Designs! They released their images already and they are oh so cute! Just darling. I am seeing Loralie in a whole other light now. I brought home two stamp sets from Grapevine and am in the midst of a few projects now. I will be able to share those next week.

And there's Boss Kuts. Phyllis is sending me the digital images of the actual dies they'll be releasing and I am thrilled that I will be making some of their CHA booth samples! Hooray! How fun! So, I apologize, AGAIN, for being M.I.A. but I promise, it's worth the wait!

On another note, I'm cleaning and clearing my stash out and will probably have a 'garage sale' of sorts here on my blog. Look for it in a week or so! I have some BIG things and some little things AND I will probably be doing a giveaway or two while it's going on too.

I will be back with some crafty goodness next week! Have a fabulous weekend!


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