Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sewing Project

Hello everyone!!! Well, more time has definately passed than I had intended. I am sorry for my absence, again. The kids have ALL started school now and I have had some time for me. That's always nice. And, my mom is visiting from Mississippi. I love having her here, especially now that the kids have gone back to school and we have that time for just us during the day. So, what have we been up to you ask??? Well, SEWING!!!!

I bought a sewing machine 10 years ago just before Seth was born. I used if a handful of times to sew patches on my Navy uniforms and made one or two small things for Seth when he was a baby. To say that I'm a novice would be an understatement. There are a few blogs out there that I frequent just to see what's happening. My machine sat, untouched, for quite some time. And, when I finally did decide to break it back out I couldn't get it to work. We busted it out the other day and low and behold, my mom got it working!!! Seems that I had all my setting wrong and she was patient enough to keep going 'til she had it working.

Shelby had a pair of jeans that were just a bit too short for her but since she's so skinny, she'd be able to get another year out of them. Soooo, off to Hobby Lobby we went. $1.68 later I had enough material to add ruffles to the bottom of the pant legs and create some little flowers to add to her shirt (which was also found at Hobby Lobby). Here's what the jeans looked like before I got started...

And here's the finished outfit.

To create the flowers on the shirt, I used my Spellbinders Circle Nestabilities and cut out six circles. I hand stitched them wrong side, turned them right side, gathered them a bit and stitched the opening up. The flowers were sewn to the shirt through the buttons. Here's a closer peek at the flowers on the shirt...

I *think* I will even have enough material left to make her a matching headband after I complete the belt.

I finished another shirt today as well, this time with rhinestones!!! I'll be able to show you that in a few days...when I make the announcement that goes along with it.

In the mean time, I'll be back on Monday with another project for Bella Digi Studio. My oldest has his very first scrimmage football game tonight and we have lots going on this weekend. I hope whatever your weekend plans are you have a great time and enjoy the gorgeous weather we're having!!!


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