Saturday, April 17, 2010

Changes are headed my way...

Well, lots of changes are taking place in the Piotrowski household. We bought a new house...FINALLY!! We have been looking for a while now and a little over a year ago we lost a house the day before closing (due to owner/title issues). We are so very thankful to have come across this house. Our realtor and lender were amazing and there's NO way we could've got what we did without them. Here's a pic of the house from just outside the front fence...

It sits on one acre and the front yard is fenced (GREAT for Lola, my new Schnauzer...she comes home when we move so pics of her to come later). There's four bedrooms (the office is actually converted to be the fourth) and two bathrooms along with TONS of cabinet space AND a walk-in pantry in the kitchen. Can you say HEAVEN?! LOL! We are beyond excited and sooooo ready to begin this next chapter in our lives.

The house is about 20 miles Northwest of town and about 30 miles from our current home. The kids will switch schools next year but will finish out where they are this year. I have given my notice at my current place of employment and will travel more with Scrap-Mart to give me more time home with the kids. I'm thrilled that I will be able to spend the summer with them.

Walnut Creek State Park is about half a mile from the house as is Keystone Lake. And the school has a nice playground that is walking distance from the house. That is GREAT for the kids!

Before I go, here's a quick layout I did of Cody. His little sister took a picture of him jumping off the dresser onto her toddler bed. Can you say BUSTED???

Isn't that funny? He had the biggest grin on his face. Little did he know he was totally caught in the act. LOL! I used some yummy new Jillibean Soup for this layout.

Well, I'm going to run. It's story time then bedtime for the little ones and we have painting to do tomorrow. Thanks for stoppin' by and for letting me share our exciting news with you! I'll be back soon with more crafty goodness!



rae said...

HUGE congrats to you & your family on the new house!!! Couldn't be more excited for you :)

Deb said...

I know..Strange to hear from me...I wanted to say congrats on the house! You deserve it after everything.