Monday, December 29, 2008

I don't know

about you but I LOVE cake! My mother-in-law got me a new bundt cake pan for Christmas. I really enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes but I've never tried my hand at baking...other than a store-bought mix and an occassional Banana Nut Bread. Well, the bundt pan she got me was a Christmas tree pan so I thought I'd try to make a cake for Christmas. Mint Chocolate Chip is one of my favorite ice creams so I thought I'd try to find a recipe for a Mint Chocolate Chip cake. I searched the internet and found one. I altered it a bit to make it the way I wanted it and fortunately it turned out. It was soooooo delicious! Super moist. I also made a homemade Cream Cheese frosting! Yummo! Here's what it looked like:

By Dec. 23rd the store was all sold out of candies like red hots and those silver bead things so the decoration on the cake was limited to tinted frosting and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. My hubby insisted on helping so he frosted the last bit and added the "snow".

I'm spending the weekend with Laura from Scrap-Mart and Christi at The Scrappin' Pad next weekend so I'm going to bring one of these cakes for us to eat.

I have big plans for this cake pan. My son, Cody, is turning 4 in March and I'm going to make him a volcano cake using this tree pan! I'll bake a tree cake and one 9" round with the round cake serving as the base. I'll put the tree cake on top and frost it green but will leave some of the chocolate cake showing in spots. Then I will put plastic trees on it and on one side of the cake it will have red icing flowing down the side of it. Hopefully I can find some dry ice for the center! How cool will that be!?! I can't wait!

Thanks for stoppin' by today! If you're looking for some inspiration be sure to check out whats happenin' on the Scrap-Mart blog. We have some fabulous things in store for our readers in 2009!

See you soon!

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ant me. said...

Katie, you baker you!!! Great job! : )

(((Hugs))) Patti