Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Creative Space

In 2011, we converted our 2 car, detached garage into my creative space. It was the BEST present Rocky could have given us. I say us because before, ALL of my craft stuff was crammed into every little nook and cranny of our bedroom. And it was a chore just to get it out to begin a project. It has taken time to get it where it is today, but we continue to improve on the space and make it just right for my needs.

I was lucky to have found some super nice, solid wood cabinets that had been custom made for a law firm. They were renovating their office again and had listed the cabinets on Craigslist. I JUMPED on them and bought 6 of them. I LOVE that each of them has at least 1 file drawer in it. I used 4 of the 6 along with a kitchen counter top to create a 10 foot crafty workspace. Yes, it is wonderful! Here's a peek at what it looks like...

The far left side is where I keep my sewing machine. I will admit I do not sew nearly as much as I thought I would...especially since I have a dedicated space to do it...but I like having it out in the open view anyway. In the middle I have a pretty good sized parts organizer. Rocky's work was cleaning out and they allowed him to bring them home and he was kind enough to share with me. ;) I have my extensive washi tape collection and small parts like mini paper clips, clothes pins, etc. stored in there. Then the right side is my work space. I have my Making Memories Tool Turnabout with all my favorite go-to tools as well as my Scor-Pal and my paper trimmer right there within reach at all times. The drawers are organized with ink pads, Stampin' Up! cardstock, Spellbinders/Quickutz dies, etc. All things I use OFTEN. I am thinking of purchasing some small Expedit cases to hang above each side of my work space for more storage.

Last year I saw where crafters were buying the Bygel rail systems from Ikea and using them for punch storage. I don't have a LOT of punches, but I had enough to need a place for them. And anytime I am in Dallas or Chicago a trip to Ikea is a MUST! See my pink chairs, yep, Ikea. LOVE them! Anyway, I hit Ikea and stocked up on Bygel rails and some little baskets for them as well. We really didn't want to install them directly onto the sheetrock so we were thinking maybe we would create a little rolling storage system for them. But, again, I didn't need anything huge as I don't have that many punches. So, we decided to install them on the end of my work space.

They fit perfectly there and I love that my punches are out in the open. Maybe that will encourage me to use them more. While I continually change and re-organize, I really feel like my space is just about perfect. Thanks for stopping by today! If you have any organization tips I'd love to hear them...simply leave me a comment with a link if you have one!



Michele Parrish said...

I LOVE your cozy crafty work space Katie!!

Susie Bentz said...

I love your pink chairs, too! I also have Ikea in my craft room. That store has something for everyone! I actually just moved my craft space to the basement. We re-did our kitchen and my old cabinets now have a new purpose! I will have to do a little tour when I get the new countertop!

Katie said...

Thanks Michele!

Susie, that is awesome! I LOVE Ikea. It is probably a good thing the closest one is almost 5 hours away. :)