Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift ideas Day 3

I think I mentioned my new love of jewelry making back in the summer after I had tried my hand at making some neckalces for my mom. Well, it has turned into not only another hobby for me but a business, believe it or not. Here is a matching set I made recently for an order...
Jewelry supplies are readily available not only in big box stores but also online in many places as well. I order some of my supplies from Craft Fantastic, which I actually found at the scrapbook shows I work. ;) Etsy is also a great source for beading and jewelry supplies. My favorite glue to use is Diamond Glaze by Judikins. Fast drying and water based so it cleans up easily. You could order your supplies in bulk (qtys of 10 or so) and make personalized gifts for your family, co-workers, etc. for as little as $3-5 per person. And you can use scrapbook paper or images you print from the internet or even fabric pieces to complete your jewelry pieces. Visit my etsy store: HandmadebycreativeK8 Photobucket

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