Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY Valentines

Is it just me or have DIY projects soared over the last year? With places like Etsy and Pinterest there's plenty of inspiration. I saw some cute printable Valentine's and thought, I can do that. And with the help of my Gazelle, it was super easy to do!

I started by sizing my tag and creating the sentiment using the text function. I placed the sentiment where I wanted it on the tag then changed the colors of the two items. After inserting my paper into my Gazelle, I took out the blade housing and put in a glitter pen. By multiplying the design then cutting by color, I was able to do all my text then replace the blade and cut the tags with ease. Next I cut the bird peices and assembled them all. To finish it off, I added a googly eye to the bird and some twine for the top of the tag. I left the back open so Shelby can sign it for her friends.

files used:

tag and font from Funtime
Little Bird


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