Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I was supposed to share my Holiday Style layout today and Rocky and I went to the movies last night so I didn't get my post done. :( Sorry! But, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Breaking Dawn! Can't wait for part 2.

Since I don't have my layout ready for you today, I wanted to share this...

I originally saw this on Pinterest and followed it to Kristen's blog. Isnt't that the cutest darned wreath?! I LOVE snowmen too so this one is really top of my list of favs.

This year, Rocky and I finally bought a full-sized Christmas tree. When we first got together, our place wasn't big enough for a big one so we just used his little bitty one on top of the entertainment center. We always did Christmas at his mom's so we helped put up her tree and all the presents went was only across the yard, after all. But, we've moved and she's moved and now we're kinda on our own. Last year, our first Christmas in the new house, we bought a white 4' tree and pink ornaments. Needless to say, Shelby was thrilled!! LOL! This year, we bought a 7.5' tree with white lights. Then we hand picked a varitey of coordinating ornaments in the bronze/red/gold color scheme. I am super excited because growing up, our tree was very eclectic. Different ornaments collected over the years...some hand crocheted, some glass, some handmade by my brother and I in school. I have always wanted a "themed" tree where everything coordinated. I can't wait for Friday so we can put the tree up. I'll share those pics with you when it's done.

So, back to the wreath. I have decided that I am going to make one of these for our front door. I REALLY want to make a whimsical one like the one Kristen made. Red/white/green and a cutesly little snowman. But, I am really thinking I should make one that coordinates with our tree. I think I have enough ornaments to pull it off so I just need to buy a wreath and get some mesh and picks.

I am prepping for my big day of cooking tomorrow. Cornbread is in the oven, eggs are already hard boiled and I have a bit of work to do for the Scrap-Mart blog hop that's coming up. So, I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving full of family and love! I will see you sometime later this week!


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