Thursday, August 20, 2009

Even though my birthday...

is still a few weeks away, I arrived home the other day to find this on my front porch!

...Rachael Ray's Porcelain Enamel Cookware. My mom ordered these for me. Last year I became a huge Food Network fan and I've been experimenting alot with my cooking. It has become a real passion for me. My mom knew how much I wanted these new pots and pans so she thought she'd surprise me...and boy did she! She was actually surprised that I got them so quickly because when she ordered them they told her it would be at least 10 days before it shipped from the warehouse then 3 to 5 days shipping time...which was actually perfect and would've landed it here probably the week of my birthday. But hey, I'm not complaining! ; ) I LOVE the oragne color on these pans and the silicone handles are great too. I have found a few accessories my dh can get me to match them!

On another note, tomorrow the Tulsa Creating Keepsakes Convention (CKC) starts so today we'll be setting up the booth. If you are in the Tulsa area and will be attending the convention be sure to stop by the Scrap-Mart booth and say hi!

Gotta run...promised Shelby donuts before I drop her off for her first day of Head Start and I'm hoping to pop for a surprise breakfast with Seth at his school before I head to the convention. Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon with convention pics and a project!


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