Wednesday, August 5, 2009

31 to 31

31 days 'til I turn 31. Age really isn't a factor with me...yet. I've been told that'll change as I get older but it hasn't yet. I still can't believe I'm 30. It doesn't seem like it. I feel like I'm 5 years out of High School, not 12!!! Oh well. Age is just a number. I just thought 31 to 31 was funny. Yeah, I know, my sense of humor is sometimes off.

I have a project to share with you today. I created this layout for a class I'm teaching in September. The bagkground was made using my Gazelle. I simply welded the little spider webs to a square and expanded it to 12x12. I really like how it turned out.

The papers are from Teresa Collins and the embellishments are Glitter Clears by Making Memories.

BossKut also released some Paper Dolls this last CHA and I am working on a fun project that will be ready by next Monday to share.

On another note, we've been getting ready for back to school. Cody starts all day pre-k and Shelby is moving to a new Head Start. They had dental appointments on Monday for their checkups. Here's a few pics from their visit...

They both did a great job and got a thumbs up on their brushing!

School starts for all 3 boys next Wednesday so mom will be all kinds of emotional for Cody's first day! Okay, I'm at work so I'd better get going for now. Back soon with more! Thanks for stoppin' by!


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