Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oooh, goodies!

I don't know about where you are but our gas prices have fallen...and I mean fallen! We hit $3.89/gal and suddenly we're down to $1.75 today! YIPPEEEE! The transmission is going out in my hubby's pickup so we decided it was time to get ourselves a van. Yep, I now drive a mini van. And you know what? I LOVE it! We just got back from Dallas today with it. It is a total dream. I really liked the Honda Odyssey so that's what we decided on. It is used but in excellent condition. It even sports leather and a dvd player and of course, power sliding doors. The color is Dark Metallic Gray which I actually like more that I thought. What more could a mommy ask for? LOL!

So, with the gas prices falling I find that there is a little extra money hanging out in my checking account. In honor of that I decided to do a little e-shopping. I headed over to Gina K. Designs and got myself some stamps. You may remember my post from a few days back. Well, my package arrived before I left town. See:

I got Carolyn King's Whimsical Autumn set, Melanie Muenchinger's Just so Hippy and Hip Hop Accessories PLUS a FREE set. I also picked up some gold cord and gold glitter dots too. I have a great card my head! I will hopefully have some stamping time after my class on Tuesday evening to complete the card. I promise it'll be good:)

I'll try to post a pic or two of the "Mommy Van" as Rocky calls it soon. Thanks for stoppin' by! Katie

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rae said...

good for you girl ;)
can't wait to see what you create with your new toys!!