Monday, June 9, 2008

Yummy Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Oreo Balls!

Okay, so one day a friend of mine was talking about ordering some chocolate covered strawberries for her boyfriend. She showed me a picture on-line of what she was considering. Looked delicious, no doubt, but the packaging was so plain. So, you know me, I said "Sara, I can make those for you and put them in a personalized box." Sara loved the idea. The first box I made for her was a Harley Davidson theme. It had textured diamond plated cardstock, and a mix of vintage papers. The top of the box said "It's not the destination, it's the journey!" And wouldn't you know I forgot to take pics. LOL!

So a month later Sara ordered another box for her boyfriend and this time she wanted Oreo Balls to accompany her strawberries. I said no problem and whipped out a masculine box and stuffed it full. Yeah, you guessed it...I forgot to take pics again! UGH!

Then this last Thursday she asked if I could whip a really girly one out by Saturday. Of course, I couldn't disappoint my BEST customer! (BIG grin!) I said sure! She was hoping for rainbows but said anything bright and girly would do. She said her best friend is fun and funky. As much as I wanted to do something with rainbows, it didn't quite make it there. But, I did use some bright and funky, lime green, teal, yellow. This time I was sure to grab some pics before I delivered it.

The top of the box:

A close-up of the lid:

The front view:

And, the goodies inside:

I really LOVE how this box turned out. I think that is the hardest part of special just might create something you don't want to let go of! LOL! For the band of the lid, I scrunched up some white crepe party streamer and dabbed it with Mod Podge. This is my new favorite technique right now. I also used it on a recent layout in place of ribbon. A little advice though, if you are using these crepe streamers with a wet adhesive, be very careful because it will tear easily. I really enjoyed making this box...and the yummy goodies inside too! My kids especially love the Oreo Balls.

If you're wondering, to make the Oreo Balls simply crunch a whole package of Oreo cookies (I put mine in my blender), mix in one package of softened cream cheese then roll them into little balls. You can also use a medium scoop (like the Pampered Chef ones). Melt some white chocolate or Almond Bark and simply drizzle it over the cookie balls and add sprinkles or nut toppings. I like to chill mine in the freezer for a few minutes so that the Almond Bark dries quicker. It's that simple...and they're to die for! Hope you enjoy them and if you try 'em, let me know what you think.

If you hung in with me through this LONG post, thank you! Hope to see you around again soon! Katie


GiftsByHeidi said...

That is so cute! The oreo balls sound so good, thanks for sharing how to make them!

Rae said...

I see you're at it again Ms. Entrepreneur ;) ... what an AMAZING gift creation, you rock Katie!!
And those Oreo balls sound delish, might have to give those a try!
Hope that all is well with you~
Have a super day! Hugs~ rae