Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New T-shirt available!

I openend an online store a while back. I have sold 6 shirts so far plus I provide The Scrappin' Pad with their logo t-shirts. This morning while I was driving a little poem of sorts came to me. When I got home I jotted it down and decided it would make a cute shirt. Here's what it says:

It started as a hobby,
I’d scrapbook now and then.
One Friday every month I’d meet up with a friend.
One Friday turned to two, then quickly three then four.
Now weekend retreats every quarter and we still want more.
I buy new stamps and paper and, of course, I need new ink.
Scrapbooking IS just a hobby, I think,
I got all the hottest magazines, rub-ons, flowers, and bling.
Chipboard, charms and paint. Am I missing anything?
My totes are overflowing and my budget is running thin.
What started as a hobby has become an obsession!
If you would like to purchase this (or any other) shirt you can go HERE. You will choose your size and proceed through a secure checkout. The only information I will receive is your name and what you ordered! Your item will ship directly to you. I will (hopefully) be adding this to a tote bag but those will be ordered directly through me so that I can add some bling and dazzle to them. If you have a design or something you'd like to see on a shirt, please feel free to contact me! I'd love to help you out. Thanks! Katie

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