Monday, December 1, 2014

Altered Printers Tray

I had seen an awesome altered Printers Tray WAY back in like 2010 and I knew I wanted to make one for our oldest's baseball pics from through the years. I finally picked up a Printers Tray and dug out all the pics and would you believe that the pics sat in the tray on a shelf in my scrap room for TWO years before I actually completed the project?! I could make all kids of excuses for why it took so long, but I'll spare you that. I am happy to say that it IS now complete and I LOVE how it turned out! Way better than what I thought or maybe expected.


I had some patterned paper I purchased WAY back at Hobby Lobby.  I cut them into 3x4 rectangles and decided placement of the paper and photos.  Next, I gathered my embellishments.  My sweet friend, Susie  is on the design team for Paper House Productions.  She introduced me to their products and sent me home with some to play with too!  I absolutely LOVE their Canvas Stickers.  In addition to having those to play with Susie also gave me a sheet of their Baseball Cardstock Stickers.  I cut the Home Run, 28 and batter silhouette with my Making Memories Slice Machine and the Sports Design Card.  I added a few of the Prima Sports Flair Badges that I had picked up from Nicole Petersen Designs at one of the shows I worked and a few Dress It Up Buttons I am sure I have had like forever!  Here are a few closeups of the embellishments...

I did add some dimensional adhesive under the cardstock stickers in the center photo, but as you can see, the Canvas Stickers are very dimensional on their own.  And here's one last peek...

From this view you can also see that I added dimensional adhesive under the 28.  I think this is my favorite project of 2014.

 photo 6fcac3ed-64fa-4f4e-a1bb-9c44712297ee.jpg

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