Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello????? Is anybody out there???

Holy smokes!! It has been a while, eh? Once again I apologize. Between my travels and my 2 other jobs and 4 kids, I have been pretty busy. I have come up for air once or twice but have not crafted anything new. Sigh. But, I am tonight because I have a post due for Scrap-Mart tomorrow. haha

Anyway, did you know that it is Gallery Idol time again? I just happened to stumble upon it. Now, I'm not normally one for entering contests or submitting for publication. The reason being that I don't like to wait weeks or months before I share my projects. Mainly because I don't usually have time to create for much outside my work related deadlines. However, your first submission for Gallery Idol need not be new or unseen AND I just happen to have a card in my gallery that fits the theme of the first round. So I submitted. Here's a peek at my card...

This was a graduation set I gave to my hubby's friend when he finished college. Since I have already shared this project, I won't bore you with the details. However, if you're curious about the supplies used, you can visit the original post HERE.

Thanks for hanging in with me! Like I said, I will be creating tonight so I'll be back with that soon, promise!



Scrapendipity said...

Hey, did you finally find your way back home! LOL You are such a busy lady. Love your projects, even if you have shared them before. I always enjoy looking! :)

Welcome back. Don't forget to make some "me" time in that busy schedule of yours. :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We're always glad to see you here.