Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm sorry....

for my absence the last few days. I just wasn't feelin' it. Burnt out perhaps. But, I am feeling better and even have a few crafty ideas floating in my head. Today is the kids' last day of school (except for Seth) so I thought it would be nie to do some baking for the teachers. They are having Christmas parties starting at 230 this afternoon so I am cramming in as much goodness as I can this morning. ;) So far, I have the fudge done and cooling and oatmeal raisin cookies about to go into the oven. Next is either peanut butter cookies or hard rock cinnamon candy.

We're having homemade beef stroganoff for dinner tonight. My beef is defrosting and I will be cooking dinner around 1 pm before I head to the parties. After Cody and Shelby's parties, we have to head over to pick up Seth then I have a hair appointment at 515 pm. Then we have to hurry home and take some pics of the kids for the free photo cards I won so I can get them ordered. Yeah, I know, they will not get the my recipients before Christmas but I'm okay with that. No stress for me this holiday. Then, if time permits, the kids have movie night at school. I fear we will not make it in time though because the movie is supposed to start at 6. Sigh. Perhaps I can offer them movie night at home with popcorn and homemade cookies? We shall see.

I hope you're all having a great week. I will be back soon so share how I gathered and wrapped up all the goodies I'm baking today for the teachers.


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