Friday, October 16, 2009

Just the other day....

I was trying to get Cody, my 4 year old, to give me a kiss. I asked him twice and he turned to look at me and said "I'm too old for that now." Half of me wanted to laugh because that's such a big boy statement. But the other half of me wanted to cry! Too old to kiss your mom? Seriously?! Even my 13 year old still gives me kisses...even when I drop him off at school! After a few minutes he caved and gave me sugars but I fear that this may just be the beginning. My Cody is very independent! He loves to do for himself and seriously things he's a big boy now. He LOVES to ride the school bus and he has told me "sorry mom but you can't take me to school 'cause I have to ride the bus there." Sigh. I'm so thankful that he knows how and enjoys doing for himself but it is so bittersweet. He's so kind and absolutely hilarious. He cracks us up...all the time! The faces he makes are priceless. He came home from school Friday and, I don't even remember the conversation we were having, but he rolled his eyes, shook his head, gave his dad a half grin huffed as he turned to walk away. All we could do was laugh! He is a character.

Here's a layout I made recently of pics I was able to get of him at school.

The papers are from the Scenic Route Garden Grove collection and the books and school house are stamps from Unity's Hodge Podge of Happiness kit and Unity's August KOTM. I used the BossKut Boy Scout font for my title...LOVE this alpabet!

Every Friday on the Scrap-Mart blog we share a new sketch and the design team creates layouts based on that sketch. Our readers have one week to create their layout and send it to me and it's posted the following week along with the new sketch. Visit the Scrap-Mart blog to see today's sketch. If you participate you can send me a photo or scan of your project to along with your supply list and I'll be sure to share your layout next week as well!

Do you have any special plans this weekend? I am attending the Quick Quotes Tulsa Private Reserve. It's a weekend packed full of cropping, Quick Quotes classes and tons of fun! They held one last year in Washington and the feedback to have others across the nation was so intense they decided to have 5 this year across the US. I'm so glad they are coming to Tulsa! Tonight is the kick off crop so I'd better run and get packed up! You can check out the Quick Quotes site to see if there's a Private Reserve coming to a town near you!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you soon!


Lindsay said...

That's a cute layout... and you better tell that baby that he will NEVER be too old to give his mommy kisses!! :)

Katie said...

Hey Lindsay! Thank you! You know, that's exactly what I told him! LOL! Fortunately he's already passed that stage and has returned to givin' me sugars upon my request! LOL! Thanks for stoppin' by!