Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm stilll here....

Well, it seems that just when I get my groove back, something else goes wrong or in this case, down. Our main computer has crashed!!! We are pretty sure we will be able to recover all our stuff but I'm still down nonetheless. Hubby and I are trying to decide we will replace it with another desktop, just get this one a new hard drive or get a laptop. I'm voting laptop...that way I can take it to my scrap space! Oooh, how 'bout a "scraptop"? I like the sound of that. Anyway, until we decide what to do my posts will be lacking as will my pictures. We have some fun classes coming up at The Scrappin' Pad. You can always see the class schedule here. Until next time, take care and happy scrappin'! Katie

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rae said...

Oh no girl... sorry to hear about your computer crash... I know all too well how that bites (ours just tanked a while back... grrrr).
Anyhoot, looks like you've been busy.. just wanted to say 'hey' and let you know that I've been thinking of ya!
hugs!! ~Rae